Research & Development

After 5 years of hard work and intense research, we have discovered growth factors of India and designed India’s own Online Network and its carrier. Online network will provide required information and its carrier will support in making information available and accessible to all.

Growth Factors

We can easily provide resources to all sectors through Information, Communication & Implementation. We have designed online network by bringing together Information Platforms, Communication Platforms, and Implementation Process. 


Productive information will provide required & related information, knowledge, awareness, database,commerce, etc. There will be 500+ information platforms in the form of apps, software & websites.


Dedicated communication will make productive information reachable to everyone efficiently. There will be 8+ communication mediums such as internet, mobile, computer, displays, centers etc.


The implementation process will ensure its accomplishment. There will be 10+ supportive platforms to successfully achieving the result, including executive, volunteer, centers, offices, negotiators, consultancy etc.

Growth Technology

3 essential features of growth factors to achieve maximum output.


A technology with the ability to access. The quality of being easily reached, entered, or used by people.


A communications medium that covers urban as well as rural areas of the country.


Cost-effective way and productive approach in order to produce optimum results.