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Vision & Impact

India has world’s largest youth population and more than 65% population is below the age of 35. Youth of India are today facing diversion, addiction and depression due to not getting the right platforms.
Today, all IT platforms in India are completely foreign based technology. We are seeing the effect of these foreign technologies (amazon, facebook, twitter, google etc.), these are just made for time pass and entertainment and moreover our jobs, innovation, revenue etc. are also decreasing day by day due to these addictive platforms. Today's youth is just doing time pass and entertainment on the internet and wasting their precious time. And when youth will waste their time or just survive in their basic needs, then when and how will innovation, research, business startup and social welfare happen in the country. 
So, we have designed over 40+ IT platforms under project 'Indiaray' to provide youth with specialized career service at every step of their journey.