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Project 'Indiaray' will introduce 60+ IT Platforms for agriculture.


Vision & Impact

The Indian farmer receives just 10% to 23% of the price the Indian consumer pays for exactly the same produce, the difference going to losses, inefficiencies and middlemen. Farmers in developed economies of Europe and the United States receive 64% to 81%.
In India, the primary source of our economic strength is agriculture but today it also demands update. Government undertakes many programs and policies to promote information and services regarding agriculture. But these are not enough because India's agriculture has vast climatic, physiological and traditional integrated behavior. So, it needs more support in spheres like live farmers networking, information network, where a farmer can acquire information about soil to crop, demand to supply, finance to services and a management body.
Project 'Indiaray' has revolutionary impacts on agriculture sector. Our aim is to introduce various ICT tools in agriculture, such as:-
Management and Maintenance
Commerce Market Place
Modern farming techniques
Information platforms etc.