Independent Growth

We’re on a mission to use technology to make India grow and prosper in a correct direction, in a better way, that is more effective and productive at generating results and ultimately better to empower its citizens. We simply work for the true and independent growth of India.

We're Inspired By Needs

70 years
of independence have passed. Are we really independent today?
No, we are dependent on foreign countries for every big or small technology. We depend on Russian for Military arms, on China for Electronics, which has stopped employment and startup in the country. And now our IT sector is getting dependent on the US, we are using the every smallest IT service today are foreign, whether it's the CAB app like OLA and Uber, e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google. Due to these foreign technologies, our country is getting negative impact on its employment, security, technology and economy, and if we do nothing for this, soon we will become dependent in the IT sector also. This is happening due to lack of platforms for research and innovation in the country. No growth in country's GDP, no development in sectors, no productiveness in people indicates the urgent need of technological development in India. Only our own services and technologies buildup can change the current scenario and can overcome these problems.

So, we have designed India's own, first and biggest Online Network under an IT project 'Indiaray'.
Project 'Indiaray' started with a simple idea. That idea was to meet the needs of India's people, which could lead to India's economic growth. This thing became our inspiration and we can call it "Inspired by Needs". Considering the needs of India, there is only one powerful solution i.e. Information and Communication Technology. Today it is the fastest growing industry and it has all the factors that can reach every sector and people of any country. So, if we provide required (necessary) and relative (relevant) information to all sectors and people then undoubtedly our all sectors and people will develop.

Independent Growth Model

For 100% growth of India, empowerment of all sectors and welfare in society is must. So, we have designed a Growth Model for the commercial and social empowerment of all sectors and people.

Commercial Empowerment

To give all sectors and people commercial stability to survive, grow and prosper in India through ICT platforms.

Social Welfare

To provide equality, awareness and care to economically disadvantaged section of society.